It’s the Holiday Season

Well, now that Thanksgiving is finally past us, football season is starting to wind down and there is never enough college football to go around, it means we are nearing Christmas and Hanukkah and that means that it is time to get our gift giving on.  If you have children as I do, this means a revolving door type obsession with Santa Claus and toys.  For some of the greatest overall toy selections available in most areas Toys ‘R’ Us is a great resource.  Thomas the Tank Engine ™ is a very popular choice for young boys in particular.  My son, Jackson, who is approaching two and a half, loves Thomas and all trains in general so the little blue engine that can is a huge hit for pre-school age children.

Toddler plays with wooden train table and trains
Jackson (1) enjoying the Thomas and Friends train table setup in the local Toys ‘R’ Us while Christmas shopping – December 2015

Whether you have boys or girls, this is a magical time of year.  There is nothing that beats the joy of watching their little faces light up when they open a gift and see something that they really want.  My son is still a little young to truly grasp the unwrapping of the present yet, but he sure gets excited when whatever lying beneath the wrapping paper is something that makes him smile and think of fun times.

However you celebrate, remember to spend time sharing with family and friends.  Outside of any spiritual or faith based reasons, sharing time and energy with those we love is the reason for the season.



Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and don’t forget to bless Santa’s reindeer!


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